"I met with many real estate agents prior to selecting Millou and Mike. I estimated that I would spend about fifty thousand dollars in real estate fees. What I wanted in an agent was two things; knowledge of my particular area and services. Most agents did not know the Beach Hill area and could only provide generic comps and gave me long lists of what I would have to do. Millou and Mike were the only ones who actually knew Beach Hill well and assured me that they would take care of all issues that may arise. I did take on a few tasks, some minor painting and agreed to have the house "show ready" on fifteen minutes notice for the duration of the listing. Thanks so much."

Tom & Fran, Sellers Beach Hill Santa Cruz

"Millou was professional & she kept us informed on everything since we bought bank owned condo so a lot more paper work. We would recommend her to our friends, she went above & beyond also great to work with in finding the perfect place for us to make an investment. We are very happy on our purchase."

John & Angie, Scotts Valley investor buyer

"Millou did the impossible for me. She cleared the title on property that had been yellow tagged almost 20 years ago. Then, she find the perfect buyer who, ultimately, gave me a fair price for the property and may actually have the skills to make it a safe place to live again. She is honest, sincere, totally client-focus, and her energy worked a miracle in my life. It was an honor to work with her!"

Sandra Ladd, Seller Scotts Valley

"Courteous, professional and caring. Helps you through every step!!!"

Dwain, buyer Capitola

380K Felton, CASpring 2013We were just "looking" 2 yrs ago for a home in the Santa Cruz mountains. Millou knew this and took a day to show us around. Jump forward 2 yrs later and we are seriously looking. She is someone who knows what to look for in the home and she is not afraid to tell you the truth and that a house may not be for you. She not afraid to get into homes and poke around, and she is thorough. We are new to mountain living and we could not have had a better person helping us . She is a GREAT communicator and WILL always answer questions you have no matter how many times you ask them, and trust me I am a pest that way. She never EVER lost her patients with me. ThankYou, Millou....Even in the end with normal up's and down's of deals, she works super hard and never gives up.

Colleen & Curtis Ruel

Lakeside Drive; Felton- Buyers

800K Scotts Valley, CASummer 2013151 La Canada Scotts Valley Millou Rose went above and beyond as our realtor. She was extremely knowledgeable about the area.

Matt & Kim Fleming

Scotts Valley , CA

"This is the third property Millou Rose has sold for me. She is polite, responsive, a good communicator and knows how to get the job done beautifully so everyone is a winner!"

Christine Sprowl, Los Gatos Mountains - Seller

I'm a First Time Home Buyer in Boulder Creek, CA. I bought a house through Millou that closed at the end of December 2014. Throughout the entire process I was impressed with Millou's professionalism, enthusiasm, responsiveness and knowledge of the real estate business. Our deal had multiple houses closing simultaneously and Millou was on top of it all. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a real estate agent in the Santa Cruz area. She was happy to provide references, and after working with her I can see why. Millou gets 5 stars from me across the board.

Brigitte, Boulder Creek Home buyer

This was our first home purchase and how lucky we were to run into Millou as she opened up a home for viewing that we found online. We had been searching for an agent in the midst of home hunting and were not too impressed with the folks we interviewed. Millou is different. She gets it. She understands what we were going thru and behaved accordingly, going to great extents to help us locate and secure our dream home. I know this must sound like an advertisement, but it’s sincere. She is polite, considerate, funny, and very well informed and capable of navigating the toughest of real estate landscapes. We must have viewed over a dozen homes over the course of maybe six months and never did she hesitate to show the property, obtain documents, discover comps, and most importantly dig into the details with us, guiding and consulting us thru the maze of reports and details needed to absorb to make the best decision. She also helped with locating the best resources for inspections and repairs. In the end, we got our perfect place and the best price and an amazing loan rate. We attribute this all to Millou. Would I recommend her? In a heartbeat. Who are we going to call for our next real estate transaction? Of course, Millou. J

Ken & Desiree, Scotts Valley

Millou worked tirelessly to find my son and I a new home. She helped me figure out what exactly I was looking for in a home, and then even helped visualize the home, what would work within a budget, and if it was feasible for me. She is awesome and deserves the highest of marks for work ethic, perseverance, intuitive response, and knowledge. THANK YOU, Millou!

Mignonne & Son - Scotts Valley CA